Why I Sent Myself to Timeout

Posted on January 31 2017

So my oldest son has really been into throwing things around the house. It could be pillow cushions, toys, his clothes, shoes, etc. Not quite sure what the thrill is with that... I've been telling him for quite some time now that we do not throw things in the house but, you know how you can tell your kids not to do something a million times but they act like they didn't hear you or they don't understand or they forgot? I think my son is the five year old King of "I didn't hear you".

Last week my husband was out of town for work all week and I had three monkeys to take care of (all age 5 and under), while keeping the house somewhat put together and running a business. My level of patience was being drained and about on E. All three kids were jumping on the couch and I was trying to pick up and fold clothes. All of a sudden I hear a loud crash and I immediately lost it. I screamed at my oldest son and made him go to timeout. He was hysterical of course and when I went in to talk to him, he explained that it was not him that did it but my 17 month old. Gulp. Ugh, I felt like a mommy asshole and it broke my heart to see how upset he got. Not only did I get on to him for something he did not do, but I overreacted.  

My 17 month old had actually taken a pillow off the couch and hit a lamp with it and the light bulb broke. Now I felt like I needed to switch places with my five year and have a mommy time out, because I had assumed it was him and I was in the wrong. Motherhood is hard! I think the hardest part is managing the overwhelming love you have for these tiny humans. They really are the best things in life, but sometimes we all make mistakes and even mommy's need to take a time out. To be honest, this probably won't be the last time that I will feel this way, but they are oh so worth it!


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