Toddler Eating Made EZPZ!

Posted on April 23 2017

Meal time with little ones is no joke..unless you have a dog who can clean up your floors for you. Still there is always a mess surrounding our table for sure. I am pretty sure other mama's have to deal with the phase of throwing food on the floor or even plates! I feel like I typically just give up picking up the food off the floor until mine are done eating, unless I want a table time workout sesh included.

Picky eaters, kids trying new foods they may or may not like, and just being grumpy and done with sitting at the dinner table. All reasons those tiny fingers decide to play with and throw their food and utensils on the floor. Regardless, we wanted to share a great new mealtime fav brand of ours called EZPZ! They are hands down our favorite baby product for table time. 

EZPZ has turned our world around when it comes to making our family dinners and other meals more relaxed and enjoyable. These high quality silicone mats actually do not move from the table!! Say whaaaat? Your little one will be perplexed when they go for the toss and find they cannot move it or knock it over accidentally. They suction to the table making the perfect plate or bowl for messy babies and toddlers!

Making this brand even better, they are BPA, BPS, PVC, and phthalate free. Also, toss these guys in a dishwasher to clean or a microwave to cook. They come in all sorts of cool colors and even offer a plate that can make a smiley face with foods. If you do not have any of these mommy saving plates, do yourself a favor and check them out!


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