This new business thing + our next pop up!

Posted on November 23 2016

People have always said that owning your own business is tough, especially in the constantly growing global e-commerce world. However, I have three small children and working 60 hours a week driving two hours in commute just did not seem like my kind of enjoyment. So..here I am 5 months into launching my own online and pop up shop baby and kids apparel business. There are days where I go with no business, then there are days where I get several orders. I feel like this whole thing is a bunch of ups and downs never really knowing 100% if it is going to be successful, much less make you some real profit. I do know one thing, I have to keep telling myself to keep at it until I really feel like it is not working anymore. I love what I do and I never get the feeling like this is work. That's the important piece right? I'm going to continue sticking with the motto that if you find something that you love and continue to work hard at hit then at some point you will succeed!

Therefore, I am setting up my next pop up shop! This time I am doing it with a holiday theme as it will be in the middle of December. The first one was fairly good, learning from mistakes and more of what not to do's. This one is also walkable distance from my house keeping it very local. I am still trying to build a name for myself in my community and gradually building it across further areas, and of course in the global social media community. I'll have to say I definitely give props to all the working mamma's out there....time management is no joke! 

Come see us at our next pop up shop if your around our local area! If not...please reach out as I would love to come to your area and create a personal shopping experience for you!


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  • Heather: December 04, 2016

    I’m so proud of you Krista!

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