Spotlight: Top Knot Mama

Posted on February 21 2017

As a fairly new player in the children's fashion industry I am learning more and more every day about new brands, new bloggers, new influencers, and just other momma's around the world. I thought for this post I would write about one of my favorite mother's that I have collaborated with a couple of times. Her family is just oh so cute and every time I interact with her she is extremely friendly. You go into these situations, especially when dealing with influencer's and blogger's that have thousands and thousands of followers, and to find one that is still humble and supportive of other mom's and small businesses is priceless. 

Krista Horton is the writer of Top Knot Mama blog. Her blog is a motherhood and lifestyle blog for other modern moms just trying to get through this crazy and busy world with our little ones. I feel like the community of mothers who are trying to raise their children is becoming such an supportive and amazing thing, especially in the Instagram world.

Krista Horton's Instagram page, which reads, "getting through life, one filter at a time || in cali with my loves", is filled with smiley, darling, and real family posts. She then lists her adorable family Bryce (hubs), and her children Boss and Kolly. She has gained over 55K followers by just being down to earth, friendly, posting amazing shots of her kids and her family, and by engaging and giving advice to other mothers who follow her. We have posted just a couple of her perfection of shots she posts below, but if you want to follow one cool momma then check out her blog and her awesome Instagram profile @Krista.Horton!!

krista horton, mini mischief, mom blog, children's clothes, kids fashion


krista horton, mini mischief, mom blog, motherhood, children's clothes, kids fashion


krista horton, mini mischief, mom blog, baby blog, kids fashion, motherhood, children's clothes shop


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