Posted on May 22 2017

1 week! That's all that's left for my oldest who's finishing up Kindergarten this year. This will be a first experience for both of us dealing with summer camps, him being home all day (and probably getting bored), fun trips/adventures, and maybe just some good mommy and me time. My two youngest will still be in their preschool all summer which is a great thing..I can't imagine having all three home for summer! Guess I better get the hang of this before that happens!  

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As I was thinking about the upcoming break and all of the things you have to think about ahead of time and plan, I decided to do a post with ideas on how to handle the transition from school days to summer days. While I was internet searching for myself mainly, I wanted to pass on some important tips that I found!

1. Take out a calendar and review the camps and trips already planned. See how many weeks or days that you have that are free. Try and fill in those gaps as much as possible ahead of time so that you aren't left last minute while you are busy working, trying to find something for you kid to do. Take the stress away by planning!

2. Be spontaneous. After you have filled up your calendar with what you think you can plan, then sit back and accept that there will have to be some last minute decisions and that's ok! Keeping that in the back of your mind might make those last minute plans a little less hectic. Plus, sometimes the spontaneous moments end up being the best.

3. Keep your kid on a loose similar schedule that they are used to during the school year. I say loose because obviously you want them to have those fun somewhat late nights with friends and outdoor activities, but you don't have them to veer so off their norm that it causes them to be overly tired or moody. Also, you don't want to have to overwork for back to school time to get them back on routine.

4. Try and incorporate some education time. Every tool can get a little rusty when left alone for a while. For us, we are adding a tutor to come twice a week for about an hour to help with reading. Obviously that's a bit much especially if you little one doesn't need any extra help. Start with dividing up some quite time or reading time at the library or in a nook at home! Even better, find a educational fun game that you both can play!

5. When you have just run out of ideas and are in a last minute moment of need for work or errands, reach out to neighbors, family and friends for play dates! This one is key because the favor can be swapped out anytime! 

mini mischief, mini mischief blog, mom blog, mom blogger, motherhood, baby clothes, kids clothes, summer activities


mini mischief, mini mischief blog, mom blog, mom blogger, motherhood, baby clothes, kids clothes, summer activities for kids


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