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Posted on January 10 2017

It's that time of year when resolutions are made and we gear up positively for a brand new year. Some make it a couple weeks, some make it a couple months and the lesser of the resoluters make it for the long haul. How do they stay on track without breaking their goals and hopeful changes for the year? Well we came up with a list of things that can help you as you head into 2017! But first we have decide to share some of our goals for the year..

1. Focus more on building business sales and reaching further markets (for us there is never enough time in the day)

2. Cut back on our wine consumption (ugh not the fun one)

3. Give up meat (except for fish)

4. Try a yoga class and hopefully keep it going

5. Less yelling at our terrorist little ones (we have age 5 & under) and more positive and calm lesson learnings

6. Find a good church to get our family involved in

While this list is a good start for us, we definitely have more goals in mind for the year..but do not want to make our list too comprehensive, which brings us to our first suggestion!



1. Try not to make your list of resolutions either too long or too out of reach. This will probably overwhelm you at first or give your mind too many things to focus on making it difficult to truly accomplish each item.

2. Stay positive no matter what! Noah did not build the ark in a day. As well, you will learn along the way that it may take a little longer to bury that goal in the mud! Keep your head up and keep trying. 

3. Surround yourself with friends and other people who can help you stay positive and be your reinforcement when needed. The old saying still has great meaning, "You are who you hang out with". Therefore, the ones that are still doing things or habits that you are trying to shed can still be friends, but maybe spend a little less time with them, especially when feeling vulnerable. 

4. Measure how well you have done or how far you have come. Writing down your progress really helps not only give you some boost of confidence, but also see visually that you ARE working towards your resolution. Progress is progress!

4. Treat yourself!! Even when there have been ups and downs, try and stay positive by how far you have come so far. Then go devour a sweet treat, get a pedicure, or just simply go shopping and enjoy that glass of wine!!

5. Lastly...learn to laugh at your failures or bumps along the way. Everybody falls through the crack at some point in their life.


Couldn't resist posting this 'crack' picture of my daughter hanging around Arabia Mountain with our photog friend Michelle Scott with Michelle Scott Photography


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