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Posted on October 25 2016


So I know every family has similar issues with the morning routine but the last month has been killer trying to get three little babes, all under 5, out the door. Also, we have had some recent changes that added to our daily challenge. For example, our au pair left and my husband has been traveling more. However, after getting the red slip at my daughters school several times in one week (no they seriously make you sign a red sign in sheet when your late), I decided it was time for this family to do something different. Therefore, I decided we needed a family month challenge!

The goal is for everybody to be ready before breakfast so that if they miss out on something it's not me dealing with brushing hair or putting on a shoe. I do not want to be yelling to for them to get their shoes on and trying to get them in the car at the same time. My challenge for our family for a month is to fine tune our morning process to make it less stressful, mainly for me. I've made a list of suggestions that I'm going to start out with below. Cheers to this family getting on a tighter ship! 

1. No Ipad or TV until you are dressed, teeth brushed, and hair brushed.

2. No breakfast until number 1 is complete.

3. Try and get kids up at the same time every morning.

4. Minimize the snooze button (my hubby is the worst).

5. Choose outfits or options the night before.

6. Divide and conquer (have to get number 4 down first).

7. Prep as much for lunches, signed forms, etc. the night before.

8. Bed times need to be consistent.

9. Save time consuming breakfast meals for the weekends.

10. Take breaks and snuggle! Let weekends be rules free! At least for the morning routines. :)

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  • Erica McNaught: November 07, 2016

    I am totally on the struggle bus with regards to morning routines during the week. We’ve also tried to fine tune our mornings and love your challege. I’ll definitely incorporate that in hopes for smooth sailing! A mom can dream! And a mom can turn her dreams into a reality!! Here’s to slowing down the crazy train, drinking hot coffee, and avoiding the red slip :) Best wishes!!

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